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The Process

How you build a website is as important as how it works. You need a website that you can easily change (without coding), and build on as your brand grows. That means making a plan. Here’s how we do it.


Dream it

example website on napkin

You have tons great ideas for a new, shiny website, but need some help bringing them all together. Our structured intake process covers everything you want, and all the things you didn’t know you need.


Plan it out

example website wireframe

Building a website is time-consuming, and often, the developer and the client have different ideas for the look of a website. The wireframe takes the guess work out of developing the website. First, we set out all the elements, and how they will be arranged.

Then, we make a complete mockup of the website, with all elements, colors, fonts, and features exactly where they will be in the finished version. This allows you to make changes easily, before construction begins.


Make it real

example website code

It’s time to build. Using modern, accessible, mobile-first development strategies, we will use code to make your website a reality. Unlike build-your-own website makers, your website will be fast, secure, and easy to edit.


Get it perfect

example website imperfect

Once the website is built, you may have last minute changes. It happens. While a lot of web developers refuse to make any changes without extra fees, we included revisions in your initial quote. You will have a website that you are 100% happy with.


Make it live

example website final

Launching a website can be complicated: files and databases need to be moved, SSL certificates added, nameservers and DNS changes need to happen. We handle all of this. All you have to do is give us the green flag.

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Website Portfolio

Here are some websites we've made. We also make websites based on pre-made designs, or modifing existing websites. Whatever you need Morgan Solutions is here for you.

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Babeltime Inc.

babeltime website screenshot

Babeltime is a mobile game development company. They wanted to update their website with a bit more flash and professionalism. With animations, videos, popup cards, and custom Facebook feed, this website is jam packed with features and fun!


Chiguru website screenshot

Chiguru is a non-profit in India that helps low income students achieve scholastic success. They weren’t quite sure what they were looking for in their websites, so we offered them a wide selection, and then narrowed it down from there. While the website is still in the making, the design above is the favorite, but we gave them two other designs, with a completely different feel (see them here and here).

A warm and approachable website, designed to be simple and easy to maintain.


Shisharki website screenshot

Shisharki sells wearable art and handmade jewelry. The use of a parallax scrolling effect with a mountain range we made draws the visitor in, and the custom menu makes this website feel handmade, like the art it sells. The carefully chosen color scheme communicates a charming, lively, original feel that reflects the client's personality.

The Code Challenge

Code Challenge website screenshot

The CodeWizardsHQ Code Challenge is an annual event where students answer new coding questions every day for a month. The 2019 event, now over, was dragon themed. Our design brought together the navigation of their current website, with a magical touch.

Hoja Seed Balls

Hoja website screenshot

The Hoja Seed Balls website showcases this odd product and has an eCommerce component. The emphasis is on text, using images only when necessary. The project was an exercise in minimalism, inspired by Dieter Rams, a renowned architect who once said about designing "Less, but better".

The website’s main design objective is to draw the visitor’s focus to the product. This is an important consideration when making an online store: the websites must not get in the way of the sale. While the website is stylized, it’s austere, with detailed typographic choices and layout.

Sanderson the Artist

sanderson's website screenshot

Sanderson is an artist, focusing on stunningly crisp still lifes (not “lives”, we checked). His portfolio website focuses on the work, while offering easy navigation. The seemingly empty website fills with content the farther you delve into it. While designing this website, we often spoke about getting the website out of the way, and focusing on the work. The visitor can really focus, without imprinting on the artwork.

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