Security, updates, backups, and more

Maintenance, Protection, Speed

Most website owners don’t realize they have to maintain their website regularly, until it’s too late. There is a lot to take care of every month, and if you don’t have the time or the expertise, we are here to help.

Cancel anytime. No long-term commitments or surprise charges.

Intelligent WordPress Core and Plugin Updates


Every month, we will update the core WordPress software, and any plugins on your website. If an update can not, or should not happen, we will let you know.

Website Security Monitoring

Using software installed on your website, we will secure and monitor the website in the following ways:

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Real-time Malware/Virus Scanning, Quarantine and Removal
  • Blacklist Management (if needed)

Uptime Monitoring

It doesn’t often happen, but all websites go offline from time-to-time. We will monitor your website, and be notified if it goes offline, and tell you why it happened. If any repairs are needed, we will let you know what needs to happen to get your website live again.

Suspicious Login Attempt Monitoring

Hackers and bots often try to break into a website through the WordPress login form. We will set up a real-time monitoring service that limits the ability of hackers to log in, and automatically block any obvious attacks. If there are any logins unsure of, we will contact you.

Security Hardening

WordPress is great, but it’s got some loop-holes in its security that hackers can exploit to get into your website. We close up these backdoors, and close any new one that might open up in the future.

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Automatic Nightly Backups & Professional Recovery


We will automatically backup your website, and store the files in a secure location, using 256-bit encryption. Your website will be backed up in the wee hours of the morning, with no downtime.

If anything goes wrong with your website, and you need to roll back to an earlier version, we will take care of it, for no additional charge. Rest easy knowing your website will always be safe, and professionally protected.

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Website Hosting


Hosting is where your website lives, and every website on the internet must have hosting. There are lots of hosting companies out there, and sure, some are cheaper. But with hosting, you always get what you pay for.

Hosting with Morgan Solutions means real customer service, complete control over your website, and more power and speed than your average hosting company. We take care of transferring your website to our hosting, free of charge.

We also utilize double the ram than our competitors, and solid state hard drives. This means your website will be screaming fast.

Our hosting plan also includes one email address, and a free domain (a $50/year value).

No sneaky add-ons or changes in pricing later. Cancel anytime.

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Website Analytics


Do you know how many people visit your website every month? Do you know how they find you? Your most popular page? Their age and interests?

With the Analytics package, learn more about your visitors and their interests. Receive stylish monthly reports, detailing all the key metrics for your website. Find out exactly how popular your website is, track trends over time, and find out how you can improve it to attract more visitors.

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One Time or Occasional Updates


Do you need occasional updates to your website, but don't want to pay someone full time to do it? We’re here to help.

From small changes in the wording, to major overhauls, we can handle your website needs without any ongoing charges. For this service, we bill at our regular hourly rate.

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And Whatever Else You Need

We can also help you with SEO services, MailChimp setup and management, website speed improvements, and more.

If you need something that is not available above, reach out to us.